Don't Be Obnoxious With Using Your Cellular Phone In Public

It is certainly a common sight to see and hear people using cell phones in public places. After all, the main reason most people have cell phones is so that they can be reached when they are out and about. They also want to be able to contact others without going to a landline to do it. The problem is that cell phone use in public can be very annoying.

One of the worst times to hear an unwanted cell phone is when you go to a nice restaurant. You are sitting there, enjoying the pleasant ambience, and suddenly the moment is interrupted by the loud ringing of a cell phone.

You might be able to brush that off and forget it, if only the person answering the call would talk in normal conversational levels. Instead, it has been observed that people often talk much louder on cell phones than they do at other times.

There is no good reason for this, except that the person they are talking to is far away. This gives some people the perception that they need to talk loudly in order to be heard by the other person. If the signal is not what they want it to be, they will talk even louder, although this rarely helps to overcome a bad signal.

People rarely think about the fact that they are broadcasting their private conversations for all to hear. They talk as if they were the only ones in the room or area. This is a kind of tunnel vision that cell phone talkers get where they ignore all around them.

Those around them will naturally have trouble disregarding the cell phone conversation. This is because it is an incomplete conversation, and guessing the other half of it is a normal activity to do. It is hard to get away from the curiosity that comes with an unsolved situation.

If you are in any quiet setting, you are bound to be interrupted by ringing cell phones and jabbering cell phone users. Imagine sitting in a park on a beautiful day. You are getting some fresh air and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. A cell phone rings and you are brought crashing back to the rat race. It doesn't seem fair, but cell phones are virtually everywhere.

You will hear cell phones in bathrooms and on buses. You will hear folks chattering on cell phones in schools and at public meetings. No matter what the occasion or environment, cell phones are a part of it. Even in places where cell phones are forbidden, such as movies and planes, people will still use their cell phones if they can get by with it.

People use ringtones as a way to express themselves. The problem is that not everyone wants to hear the self-expression of every other person all the time. It gets to be irritating after awhile. This is especially true when people set their ring level at the loudest setting.

While it may not be possible to completely save others from the problems associated with your cell use, you can do some things to make the situation better. For one thing, you can speak as quietly as possible. Also, you may be able to put your cell phone on vibrate to cause as little unwanted noise as possible. Any way you can prevent the discomfort of others is helpful in creating a peaceful environment for all.


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