How To Unlock Cell Phones

Many cell phones won't work with any carrier they will usually only work with the one that came with the phone. The company probably either sold you the cell phone for less than the service provider paid for it or gave you the cell phone. You now have a great deal on a new cell phone and the service provider feels you owe them some loyalty in return. Therefore they gave you a phone that will only work with a SIM card that ties you to that service provider. In other words, the cell phone is locked to that service provider.

How to Unlock Your Cell Phone

The first thing you should do is ask your service provider to unlock your cell phone. There are some who will unlock your cell phone particularly after your initial contract period has expired. Frequently, a service provider will want to charge you a fee to unlock your cell phone. You may be able to get the fee waived if you convince the carrier that it's in their best interest to do so. Threatening not to renew your contract with them will often do the trick.

Your second option is to purchase an unlocked phone from a retailer on the Internet. The disadvantage is that you will probably have to pay full retail price for it. However, you'll be able to use the cell phone with any other carrier's SIM card.

The third method is somewhat tenuous. Many cell phones can be unlocked without your service provider's cooperation or knowledge. However, your cell phone may not work properly with other service provider. Although unlocking your cell phone is legal, some service providers may also void your warranty if you unlock your cell phone.

A cell phone can be unlocked by using software that can be downloaded from the Internet or you can pay a third party service who should know how to unlock your cell phone. There are both paid and free unlocking software applications that are available for certain cell phones and service providers. A little research on the Internet will provide you with numerous websites that offer unlocking information.

However, remember you get what you pay for because some of them may render your cell phone useless, and others may contain hidden software that turns your phone into a slave for a spammer. Other than these warnings, there is nothing illegal about unlocking your cell phone and an unlocked cell phone offers numerous benefits for the consumer.


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