The Most Imporant Accessory: A Backup Cell Phone Battery

Over the past several years, mobile phones have become a vital part of the daily lives for most people. This revolutionary technology gives you the ability to easily reach anybody you need to from virtually anywhere as well as possessing many other amazing capabilities and features. I feel that it is the most important tool to have in the case of an emergency, a good example being a car accident, especially since there are many cell phones which have the ability to take pictures which can be very important for documentation purposes. Cellular phones today are more widespread than they ever have been, reasons most likely being the variety of phones and carriers who offer different regions of coverage (or where coverage is strongest) and various plans depending on the amount of usage. Also, the price of cellular phones are much more affordable than they ever have been, the biggest reason for this being discounts and rebates offered with contracts entered in with a particular carrier.

There are phones available today that offer more abilities and features alongside ingoing/outgoing phone calls and text messages which most of us ever imagined possible, 5 years ago. These potential capabilities include connecting to the web from anywhere where coverage is available, and this ability has opened up a whole new world of capabilities including surfing the web to allow you to quickly look up anything up at pretty much any moment, sending and receiving e-mail/instant messages, obtaining directions from point A to point B easier than ever before (in fact many phones today also have a built in GPS to provide you with the most accurate directions), downloading/viewing and editing attachments, playing games with graphics that can rival some computers, listening to music to virtually replace an MP3 players (especially since there are many cell phones which have Bluetooth capabilities), viewing videos (which can include streaming video) and as previously mentioned, many phones even offer cameras to make it possible to easily capture any moment, whether it be through still pictures or videos (and some phones even have high definition video recording possibilities), some phones also offer front facing cameras to make videoconferencing from anywhere possible and many more revolutionary features (there are probably too many to list and more being added given how constantly evolving this technology is). I truly believe that mobile phones today are the best way for us to keep in touch with the world around us and this amazing technology helps make our world seem smaller than it actually is. There is little doubt that cell phones have made a major impact for most people and are a vital part of our society.

It seems as if the technology of mobile devices has been increasing greatly over the past several years yet the technology of the batteries offered has not been. Utilizing your cellular phone to harness all of these amazing features does drain the battery faster than it used to before some of these features were available. While most phones last at least one day on a single charge, there are many heavy users who do often experience problems concerning battery life. Using your phone on 3G/4G or WiFi does drain the battery much faster than leaving it on 2G or turning off the mobile network all together, as does activities such as playing high quality games, streaming audio or video, using GPS functionality, using Bluetooth functionality, always syncing with personal/work calendars, receiving push notifications, apps which are always running in the background and many more potential causes. Due to how important cell phones are within our society, it could cause major problems for most people if their phones were to completely run out of battery.

If you are one of the many who sees your cell phone battery constantly draining and it is becoming a major hassle for your daily life, then I suggest that you should take serious consideration into purchasing a backup battery to keep with you at all times in the case that your battery runs out. Running out of battery could have serious negative effects on your business life, personal life, as well as potentially leaving you in a horrible situation in the case of an emergency. Having a backup battery will keep you protected from this potential disaster and leave all bases covered. Even if you are not a heavy user and you do get good battery life on your phone, it would still be a good idea to consider purchasing a spare cell phone battery to keep with you in the case that something goes wrong with your current battery to eliminate the need to wait for a new one and keeping your mobile phone functioning at all times. Also, if you are an outdoors person, and as a result you go camping, hunting or fishing and find yourself going for days at a time without being able to charge your phone to keep your cell phone battery functioning, then a replacement battery is also a good idea for you since you will be able to easily be connected with the world around you.

While replacement batteries directly from the phone manufacturer are highly expensive, I have found aftermarket cell phone batteries to be a great low cost alternative. As somebody who has owned many different types of cell phones, the first accessory (or one of the first accessories) I have always purchased would be a cell phone battery. I have found many aftermarket batteries to produce quality similar to, or in some cases better than, the OEM battery included with the phone. Aftermarket batteries are almost always more affordable. Differentiating between them through descriptions online is highly difficult. Finding a high quality aftermarket for a very low price can be difficult but it if done right is very easy especially if you find a vendor which offers a fair return policy. All you have to do is test it out and see how effective of a replacement it is. From my experience, it is very easy to spot a low quality battery.


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